Hosting Specialist

CleanWeb, a proud member of The Weram Group International continues to grow its technology offering daily. We constantly seek ways of increasing the quality of our service offering and measuring it with the best suited price tag. Since inception, we've grown our service offering to an international market and placed ourselves at the forefront of the hosting industry. We believe in creating valuable partnerships and as such, through our partnerships; we've broadened our service bouquet:

  • Quick Web Domain Registration
  • The Best Rate Premium Web Hosting Options
  • Experienced Customer Consultation
  • Well Positioned Data Centers
  • Dedicated Trouble Shooting Support Service
  • Competitively Priced within the Premium Market

You are all special!

At CleanWeb, all our clients are special. We have incorporated every vital aspect required by the modern enterprise or individual into all of our packages. We believe that all our package owners including the entry level hosting package owners enjoy feature rich hosting functionality.


  • Telephonic (Inbound *Call-In) Support
  • Multiple Operating System Compatibility
  • Secure Servers
  • Advanced Web Mail
  • 99% Up-time backed by Diesel Generators
  • Domain Control Panel
  • Setup or edit your own email addresses.
  • Greater control over spam via filters.
  • Blacklist unwanted mail without letting the sender know they were placed on a blacklist.
  • Email setup wizard to assist you in setting up your email in MS Outlook and Outlook Express.
  • Remote Trouble Shooting
  • Get access to reports on web site stats, error logs and traffic usage etc.

The Cleanweb help station.

You can now setup email easily on your smart phone, tablet, PC or Macbook.
We offer a series of 'Do It Yourself' guides. Explore the Help Station below...