How do I submit my website for search engine listings?

Whilst all the major search engines will typically find (and then index) your website over the course of time, it helps to actively submit your site to speed up the process.

  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Open Directory Project

All allow you to submit your site, as do South African-specific search engines such as:

  • Ananzi

It is also important to enhance your website itself to get the maximum exposure on the engines. If you have more than one domain promoting your service; it may be beneficial adding all relevant domains, as they are likely to increase your search engine ranking. Here are some tips to help you optimise your site for search engine submission:

1. Choose good web page titles

Using your company’s name along with the product or services that you are promoting could help improve your ranking in search results. Try to make each page’s title describe what that page is about but keep it short - no more than a few words - and ensure the text in your title is also mentioned somewhere in the page body.

2. Use META tags

META tags are a set of HTML tags that are not required as a standard part of an HTML document but are used by search engines as part of their ranking algorithm. They are far less important to improving your search profile than they once were, but it’s still good to include at least the ‘keyword’ and ‘description’ tags.

3. Write for the web

The main body copy within your web pages is very important. Make sure it includes the keywords you expect people to use to find your product or service (consider using a service such as Wordtracker [] to help you determine the best words and phrases) and it is recommended that each page you submit has at least 200 words of copy on it. Also add additional copy-filled pages to your site. For example, how-to articles, tips or tutorials. These types of content pages not only help you in the search engines, but many other sites will link to them too.

4. Optimise your image ‘ALT’ attributes

Each image on your page (e.g. your logo or a photo of your product) can include an ‘ALT’ keyword or phrase that describes the image in more detail. This descriptive text will also help those that may have their images turned off when visiting your site.

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