What is the difference between my FTP and Management passwords and how do I reset these?

NB! With any access information and passwords, it is important that you protect yourself against criminals and hackers by ensuring you use a strong password (more that 8 characters, which does not contain any name or user information, making use of numbers and letters that are both upper and lowercase).

The Management password is associated with your Client number (Customer profile) whereas your FTP password is linked to an individual domain name (yourdomain.com).

Management password

It is the highest level password which provides Admin Level access to konsoleH. To change this password you would need to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from your authoritative email address or use the option to reset the domain password listed on this site and request a Management password reset.

Main FTP password

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the mechanism used to transfer your website files to the internet. Direct access to these files is protected by your FTP login and password. Your FTP password can be used with the domain name to access konsoleH on Domainlevel. This password can be changed via konsoleH.

Below are some passwords you may use to access other account features:

Mailbox password

This is the password used to configure your mail account on your mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird). You can view your mail online when using this password with your email address at
https://secure.konsoleh.co.za/ i.e. accessing konsoleH at Webmail level.

Update your password within your webmail interface by selecting Mailbox admin and selecting edit.

You can also reset your password via konsoleH Admin Level.

FTP-User password

These access details only provide entry to your public_html where your website files can be loaded for general viewing. These details do not offer konsoleH Domain level access. Creating multiple FTP users allows many people to contribute to the content of your site, without giving them access to your mail accounts, database and statistics. You can access, create or edit your FTP-User password via konsoleH.

MySQL Database password

Your database has three passwords. The Full Password is the most important. It allows access to the entire database and allows you to create or delete any database information, columns or rows. The R/W (Read/Write) Password only allows read and write access to the database. This is most commonly used by CMS (Content Management Systems) that need to add or delete information from the database. The R/O (Read Only) Password will only allow you or an application to read information from the database. No data or database structures can be changed when logged in with the R/O password.  These passwords can be changed via konsoleH; database connections strings must be updated afterwards.

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