How do I disable a catch-all mailbox?

Should you no longer require the catch-all functionality on a mailbox, you can disable this catch-all mailbox.

Below are the steps to disable the catch-all feature:

1.    Browse to konsoleH (
2.    Login with your email address and Management password
3.    Select or search for a domain name in the ‘Hosting Service’ tab
4.    Select ‘Mail’
5.    Select ‘Manage Accounts’
6.    Click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Catch-all email account’
7.    Select ‘Remove catch-all’

  • Note: Disabling the catch-all mailbox will result in mail delivery failures for emails sent to non-existent users on your domain. This means that an email, sent to an email address that does not exist on your domain, will be rejected back to the sender as a failed delivery.
  • If you depend on the catch-all feature on the mailbox, to receive email on specific email addresses for which no mailboxes exist, you will need to create email aliases for the email addresses prior to disabling the catch-all feature on the mailbox and point them as required. Depending on your configuration you may wish to create a email account or alias.

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