How do I enable or disable ‘Aggressive’ spam filtering?

‘Aggressive’ spam filtering enables you to customize the intensiveness with which the Spam Filtering software will score incoming mail. You can choose from three basic levels - lenient, medium and aggressive.

If your Spam filter is enabled and you are still finding that a significant amount of spam finds its way into your inbox, then enabling the ‘Aggressive Filtering’ will allow you to set stricter scoring levels. It is our recommendation that you only enable this setting if you are receiving in excess of five spam messages a day.

Enable or disable your domain’s spam aggressive filter via konsoleH:

1.    Browse to konsoleH (
2.    Login with your Client number and Management password
3.    Select or search for a domain name in the ‘Hosting Service’ tab
4.    Select ‘Mail’ from the left-hand menu
5.    Select ‘Spam Filter’
6.    Select ‘Aggressive Filtering’
7.    Select ‘Enable’
8.    Choose the required aggression level from drop-down box
9.    Click ‘Save’

If you enable aggressive filtering it is important that you regularly check your Spam Bucket to ensure that there are no false positives. A false positive is a legitimate email that is filtered incorrectly and classified as spam.

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