Setup my Email

Setting your email up is easier thank you think. There are a number of details you will need BEFORE you start this process regardless of which type of device your are using (Smart Phone, Tablet, PC, Apple Mac etc).; ensure theses steps are taken:

  • Get your email password ready.
  • Get the incoming POP server for your domain.
  • Get the outgoing SMTP server for your domain.
  • Know your email address as your full email address is the actual username.
  • These details were provided to you at the time of your registration.
  • If you require your email password, please complete the form here.

 Select your preferred device of Smart Phone to Setup your email :

Black Berry

Android for HTC Devices

Android for Samsung Devices




Select your preferred device to setup email using Windows Applications:


Windows 8 Mail

Mozilla Thunderbird 7

Live Mail 2011

Outlook 2010

  Mozilla Thunderbird 3

Outlook 2007

Outlook 2002/2003

Outlook 2000

Outlook Express

Mozilla Thunderbird


 Select your preferred device of Apple Mac to Setup your email :


 Apple Mail


Apple Mail



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