How can I view my email?

Before you proceed with the below instruction, it is assumed that you have already created an email account on the server, under your domain.

There are two ways that you can view your email:

1.    POP / SMTP email requires that you install and configure your own email program (client software) and download your email directly to your own computer.
2.    WebMail allows you to compose, reply to and manage your email from any Internet-connected computer via a web browser by logging in at: (

Basic email configuration settings: (where ‘’ is the name of your registered domain with Hetzner)

  • Incoming POP Server: (port 110)
  • Outgoing SMTP Server: (port 587)
  • Username: (full email address of the mailbox you wish to access)
  • Password: (email password associated with the above username)

If SMTP authentication is not catered for by your email program, please use the SMTP server details provided by your Internet Service Provider instead. (eg.

View the Email Setup Guides section for detailed instructions with visuals on how to setup your email account using a specific email client software eg. Outlook.

  • It is recommended that you use your ISP’s SMTP server to send email from.  If you cannot or do not wish to use your ISP’s SMTP servers, you may use (where is the name of your registered domain with Hetzner).
  • Hetzner uses ‘SMTP Authentication’ to identify legitimate clients and allow them to send email through their servers, while preventing spammers from abusing the mail servers.
  • The same username and password used to retrieve email (POP3) applies to outgoing (SMTP) mail authentication.
  • Some email programs can check POP3 as well as other types of mailboxes (eg. IMAP). If your program asks you which type of mailbox you are using, select the option for POP3 email, which is usually the default setting on most email programs.

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